Someone bought $3,400 worth of SHIB last August. It’s now worth $1.55 billion

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    there is no real major use for it now. It has not solved any major issue. If crypto disappears today most people would not care.

    IMO, it is here to stay and become huge. Tech is great and we will see insane innovation in this space. I missed initial run up, learning and waiting now.
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    We need some kind of AI/Big Data algo cruncher to see what's trending and going viral. Kinda like Google, TikTok, Twitter analyzer or something

    I hope that we get another bear market cycle that lasts ~3 years same when bitcoin went down over 85% and many altcoins went down over 90%

    That would be a good time to buy in and hold for a few years until the next bitcoin halving and bull market cycle

    What sucks in this cycle is that too many wall street wealthy wholesome folks :D are coming into the crypto and the crash and bear market may not happen

    We did get a 60% mini-bear market in bitcoin a few months ago with many coins going down even more so perhaps we need to be ready for another one like that
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  3. Overnight


    That's quite a telling statement. So much for active money managers.
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  4. johnarb


    Active money managers that charge 2% take 65% of the profits over the course of 30 years, or something like that per John Bogle

    A must watch video

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  5. Much to my surprise to learn that BTC at one time collapsed from ~$32 to $.01.
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  6. Overnight


    "...and their total holding of 70,200,003,107,594 SHIB is now worth $5.63 billion...."

    So if SHIB reaches $1, they will own the earth with their 70 trillion USD?
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  7. The initial issuance of Shib was 410 TRILLION coins. The originator is said to have "burned" something like 90% of the coins, whatever that means.
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    So right now the 70 Trillion guy owns about 17% of all SHIB? That's a good position to be in for 3500 bux.
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    Aren't you the guy who also said Tesla is only a car company that won't reach 1k in 2024? o_O:rolleyes:
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  10. i remember i said Tesla is only a car maker but did not give price prediction. Just as Newton said, he can calculate how the planet moves but could estimate herd’s stupidity.
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