Someone bought $3,400 worth of SHIB last August. It’s now worth $1.55 billion

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  1. Butterfly


    5 billions? good luck cashing that one out without crashing the whole thing LOL

    god, people are dumb :)
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  2. johnarb


    Coinmarketcap is not an exchange but it's like a wikipedia of cryptos so you can do research on them, access their websites, link to their social communities like discord, twitter and telegram

    Also lists the markets where the coin is traded Squid Game coin is only on a dex pancakeswap, that will take you time to learn how to access
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  3. johnarb


    I swear, you continually to amaze everyone here on the level of your stupidity

    Shiba Inu trades 10's of billions of $ every day, but no one on ET would dump $5B in one shot, except an imbecile like you

    Here, let me walk you through it, sell a couple of hundred million $ on Coinbase today, Sell a couple of hundred million $ at Binance tomorrow, sell some at FTX, lock in some millions of $ worth using perp futures

    Use dexes like Uniswap, 1inch

    But do it on a daily basis, you know, don't crash the price too much, shit after $500M, you probably need to meet with your lawyers and CPA's

    Oh, nvm, you're a fucking idiot, you'll try to dump $5B worth of Shiba on the market like you would dump $10B worth of Discovery stock ala Archegos
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  4. Butterfly


    I assume when you say "everyone" you mean "you" :)

    god, what is with those social psychopaths and Cryptos. they all think they know everyone and how the world goes around :)
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  5. Butterfly


    so basically you just demonstrated it was a small game for small traders and dumping 5B wasn't possible, thanks for proving my point :)

    I don't think your CPA could resolve that one,

    your bank will probably block the transfer and seize the money before you can explain yourself :)

    awesome investment LOL :)
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  6. johnarb


    Oh man, you make it so difficult to educate you because there's no reference for us since either you're trolling or you cannot educate yourself because you do not have the mental capacity :D

    $500M is not small and it would only take you about a week, but I did not tell you to stop selling after a week, you can continue to sell for a whole month or however long it takes, but seriously, if you end up only cashing $1B, you're just trolling to say that is small :banghead:

    See the link on the amount of liquidity at the bottom, it's already been posted on previous posts

    The reason I'm responding is that you did genuinely show a lack of knowledge of how robust the crypto financial system is

    You are correct that if you transfer even $100M to your bank or many banks alarm bells are going to sound, so don't do that

    Most crypto people will trade $500M worth of Shib to bitcoin, Eth, USDC, USDT, PAXOS stablecoins and consult their lawyers and CPA's, contact Fidelity and Coinbase institutional accounts department for crypto cold storage, and figure out the fiat liquidity that you will need for taxes, those people should have advisors. plus don't forget a few millions for your lambos and mansions

    But none of those things will make sense to you since you're just a troll trying to participate on discussions that you know nothing about :banghead:

    If you hire experts and legal teams you can sell offshore through LP;s, otherwise you'll be stuck with Coinbase, and Poloniex or other US based exchanges that trade Shiba Inu which is probably ok to sell $50-$100M of Shib to the cryptos I mentioned above since they will get arbed by traders on other exchanges

    I mentioned dexes which are very good as they have deep liquidity on their Shiba liquidity pools

    Anyway, you're hopeless, but need to provide specifics for others who may be reading the thread

    PS: bitcoin and cryptos are digital assets are bearer instrument. Probably will not mean anything to you, but one day when you get a brain transplant something might click on how all of these things function :)
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  7. Butterfly


    Like I said, $500M for professional investment managers is small shit, but big for small traders

    hence you are preaching for small players, not institutional players

    all these shitcoins can't scale in the real world, they are scams for small people and con artists :)
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  8. Butterfly


    you obviously are not familiar with how the banking system works :)

    even $1m transfer will raise all kind of alarm bells for compliance,

    and compliance for offshore and LPs are even more under scrutiny, you will be asked for a ton of paperwork that you probably don't even have :) hence you will be fucked

    that's the problem with all those cryptos, they are stuck in their games, and can't cash out, so they do the music chair with other cryptos thinking they can't get away with it :)

    let's see how long the music can play LOL :)
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  9. VicBee


    I don't get the argument... there is nothing illicit about crypto earnings and transferring to your bank account. What the hang-up?
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  10. virtusa


    Your bank will need to know the origin, and maybe much more, of the money. Especially if you transfer crypto's to fiat currencies. Questions about criminal money, fiscal fraude...
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