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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Quah, Sep 11, 2002.

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  1. Quah


    Yes, those numbers would be the average per trade per contract traded.

    Can you explain why those numbers would make it non-tradeable?
    #841     Oct 11, 2002
  2. $7 does not give you a lot of room for error. Generally, I would want at least $20 or 30/trade average on the ES for a viable system. Yours is a little different because of the nano-time frame you trade, so I don't want to get too dogmatic. If it works for you, that's great, but I think it maybe has a lot to do with your execution skills.
    #842     Oct 11, 2002
  3. I think $7 per trade is workable, if there is a large enough volume of trades taken and if (a big IF), as you have noted AAA, your execution skills are top notch. Take out a trade per day because of slow execution skills and the inability to get hit with a limit (it will never be one of the losing trades) and then the results can change quite a bit. I think this would be where the 'slippage' would be in this system. With Globex, good execution skills and a good trading platform then this could be a good bread and butter system.
    #843     Oct 11, 2002
  4. adlad


    Hi Quah, I have a question regarding this system that I would appreciate your help on.

    Say you are holding a Long and it goes to -3.5 so you Stop and Reverse to Short. Whilst waiting for the 3.5 profit on the reverse you cross into another FIB time that tells you to go Long. What do you do in this circumstance?
    #844     Oct 12, 2002
  5. adlad


    Below refers to 10-11-02 on NQ.

    Quah, just one other small query:

    At 10:04 your log says you go Short at 882.50 however I cannot match this with either QCharts or eSignal. Uploaded chart screens:

    eSignal (shown in GMT) -

    QCharts (shown in EST) -

    Both of these tell me to do the following:

    10:04 long @ 882.50

    10:10 stop and reverse @ 879.00

    10:36 double stop @ 882.5

    The only reason I pick this up is because my chart's match 100% with the rest of your log.

    Thank you for your time.
    #845     Oct 12, 2002
  6. The SVS and SSVS threads have gotten awfully quiet all of a sudden. Waddap?
    #846     Oct 15, 2002
  7. Is anyone still around? Quah how have you been doing?

    #847     Oct 17, 2002
  8. I'm still around, wondering the same thing...

    I've had a chance to take a look at SVS on the ES over the past 3 days, as well as today, and it looks like it's still holding up pretty well.
    #848     Oct 17, 2002
  9. Quah


    Sorry - I haven't had the time this week to keep this up.

    SVS is still going okay - thought I didn't look at it today - been working on something else.

    Not sure what else there is to say about this really - other than report results. Seems like the idea has been beat to death, and one months worth of results seems enough to journal here.

    If anyone else is trying this out I'd be interested in hearing from you - either here or pm. If anyone has some changes that work, let me know the same. Thanks.
    #849     Oct 17, 2002

  10. What is that it?? It was fun but I am moving on......

    Does it work or not? I thought that was the goal. Now you're leaving without a firm conclusion to this project. hmmphh...
    #850     Oct 17, 2002
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