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  1. Thundershock

    Here we see a previous thread "asking if anyone heard" about the service

    And then, we see him claiming to own it, and trying to solicit someone (OP might even be the same person):
  2. Joe


    Gotcha, I sent him out a question lets see what he says.

  3. TraderZones, thanks for the hearty laugh. I wonder if I should now come up with devious ways to advertise. You've helped make me into a mythical spam god. Everyone will now be trying to discover some secret hidden spam in the things I type, but I was really just trying to help the guy. Oh, the horror!!! I guess I should be tried for crimes against the human race. :p
  4. what is humorous about you acting like a potential customer in one thread and then being the owner in the other?

    Or are you unhinged when it comes to "reputation"?
  5. bpcnabe


    new pennystock spammer:

  6. Joe


    Got him.
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  10. Banning the ip doesn't matter because the individual uses a new proxy all the time. Banning anonymous PROXIES would go a long way towards cleaning up this site. But the chances of that happening are rather insignificant.

    I got the spammer and another one like him "mavvy".
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