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    Thanks. I just warned him.

    Of course we understand that these people are spammers, but since we don't have a crystal ball and therefore don't know when they are going to spam before they actually do, we have to deal with it when it's reported to us.
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  3. Lucrum .... second declension

    Latin words of the second declension are generally of masculine gender (ending in -us) or neuter gender (ending in -um)

    so neuter gender it is ... aka hijra

    A hijra is often perceived as a "third sex" - Most hijras live at the margins of society with very low status. Few employment opportunities are available to hijras. The closest similarity in westers cultures is the concept, "bitch on wheels"

    Imagine the consternation of the general public when the news eventually leaks out that one such hijra can fly a plane and trades on the 3-5 minute chart; both the former and the latter done with verve aka sans instrument panels or indicators.


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