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  1. Joe


    I checked out the thread, it's humorous at best. Has anyone received anything from him yet?
  2. Humorous?

    The tool will be marketed later in 2010 and every participating trader who helped supporting this tool will receive a 6 month membership for free. The first 50 Traders who join this experiment by sending me their email address will receive a 12 month membership for free
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    bone ET Sponsor

    Well, JoePaterno, what do you care if a poster is a sponsor or not?

    I'm a sponsor, I've got over 30 ET members as clients, and you make all sorts of really vicious and personal value statements about me with absolutely no background information or facts. You also slam the opinions of my clients who do post here on ET in my behalf.

    Get off your pious high horse. You're a prick to me as a paying sponsor who supports the website financially, so what do you care about a spammer? Who made you God?
  4. who made you an idiot?
  5. Joe


    I went ahead and deleted the thread.

    Thank you,