SPX & SPY ...... timing the next BEAR rally .... the forte of Ganador :)

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  1. SPY 1H

    Wavecount and trendline guid with volume for starters


  2. Nobert


    @SoyUnGanador, another similar nick & this.

    All alts.

    Are you awere that it is against the rules ?

  3. Meaning what??? :)
  4. Overnight


    @SoyUnGanador is not an alternate login, he just requested a name change from the Perdador, and was granted that. He is not the same person as MG.

  5. See Overnight's post about Ganador.

    Here's some more background info why I used his name in my title ..............

    He made a fine call a few days ago but I don't know what his method is, I believe he relies heavily on intuition and that's abs. terrific in my book.

    This thread here is to honor him as he is a market timer just like myslef and we are almost extinct and hunted down and killed at ET.

    His name is soyunganador (= I am a winner) and he used to be soyunperdeddor (= I am a loser)

    I did not want ot write soyunganador ijn the thrad title becasue people would think I am calling myself a winner which I am not.

    That he is IMHO the best poster at ET in that he has a great sense of humor and a great style about him

    I want him to make his millions. Yes sir, I surely do want that for the lad.

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  6. see post #1.

    Yuge Volume.

    Wavecount is in the chart. It could kick my ass but its my best until I can get better this is the best wavecount I can offer and I stand by it 100%.

    NObody is going northbound unless they can get past my trendline. I efy SPX and/or SPY to get past by going around the top or bottom instead of just busting or gaping thru'. :D:D:D:D

    There are Fibo target levels in there too and not visible at the moment on this tmeframe are the red dashed support lines from monthly

    Let's see how it plays out.

    Kick in the ass? Yeah its possible, but I can handle it.
  7. SPY 1H early Monday morning 7:12 AM just getting some coffee ...............

  8. SPY 1H with RSI

  9. Dow Jones 1H ......... leading the charge north ...........

  10. No me pongas en lo escuro
    A morir como un traidor
    I will die with my face to the Sun

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