SPY, XLF, IYT - charts indicate that the Bottom is IN!

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  1. I believe we have finally reached the bottom of this bear market. I think bear market is over. Just look at the charts, they speak for themselves:


    Dow Jones Transport also have rallied.


    This is a very sure sign that the bottom is finally in.

    For S&P I have a minimum target of 1050 by July, XLF target 25. See the gap there? It will be filled very soon now.


    I'm fully invested now and will not sell. I believe Obama and Geithner will make this economy so much better.

    Other stocks: AAPL, GOOG.

    Short-term (6 weeks) target for AAPL: $140, GOOG: $390.

    QQQQ should be able to close the gap at $35 and skyrocket higher.

    Buy the dip at any pullback, fellow traders. I was a bear but I now realize that this rally is for real :)
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    YES WE CAN!! Bottom is in. I absolutely believe that this is it. Buy more tomorrow. Futures is positive. Also buy GS (Goldman Sachs) and V (Visa)! I've made so much money since March bottom and I believe we are bound to head to at least 1050 soon! YES! Heading much higher soon!
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    ^IIX Interactive Week Internet Index
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    Internet Index Interactive Week
  5. Please show me where the bear channel is breached to the upside. Don't be scared! YES YOU CAN! :D

  6. It is fascinating that the OP says the bottom is in, then posts pictures of charts which show conclusively that there is no proof for a turnaround!
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    Agreed! Every chart shows the trend down. Lol!
  8. Futures is up, your account is gonna get raped in the morning.
  9. You're posting 1 year daily charts and then worrying about what's going to happen 'in the morning'?

    You seem slightly confused, son.
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