SRS, shorts capitulating...

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Mvic, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Mvic


    looking to buy some Jan calls today.
  2. If this falls to 1$ a share I am buying.:D
  3. Illum


    Srs is such a disaster, iyr cracked to new highs for 09 today
  4. Mvic


  5. there's that end of the day free money push. Hope everyone got on! :)
  6. When you've got Kudlow draining his 401K to buy blow, the party will continue.
  7. Mvic how long have you been trading? Since when the hell have fundamentals mattered the past 6 months? would be be up 50% in 6 months if fundamentals mattered?maybe todays you're lucky day but every other person who's tried to bottom fish the 2x bear funds has been murdered
  8. Mvic


    A little longer than 6 months. Fundamentals matter eventually.
    Yes I have taken a hit on SRS once already this year and surprisingly I am back for some more pain here. Don't try this at home :)
  9. why not short the iyr? no erosion problems as thye're a bitch on these. my pt to you is instead of bottom fishing its much better to
    roll into these as they're trending your way.the decay has take billions from both bulls and bears on these
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