Stay away from IB!!!

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  1. I think thety are running into liquidity problems. They have frozen my account and a number of my friends' accounts for no good reason. They won't allow access to trade or withdrawal. I'd recommend to try and get your money from them and run away.
  2. Mine and my friends accounts are still open. Rock on, IB.
  3. apak


    what the F are you gonna trade on saturday

    this is a very serious allegation you just made

    you telling me that come Mon I won't be able to trade

  4. It is not an allegation. It is the f***ing truth. They did it over 2 weeks ago, and are not answering my daily phone calls, e-mails and tickets. Replying, yes, but not ANSWERING. They keep saying "your account is under review". For over 2 weeks!!!. WTF is there to review?! IB should be reviewed. I have already formally complained with FINRA and SEC.
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    Compare the MF global chart symbol MF with IBKR to see what the market thinks.
  6. I polled 7 users, they nor I have this problem.
  7. The first names of your buddies by any chance are Aleksey, Wladimir and Dmitry? All living in Ukraine or Belarus running God knows what stock scam?

  8. Complacency could be dangerous.
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    this is bullsht

    there is no way IB would freeze you unless there was some damn good reason for it

    IB is one of the most solid brokers in entire USA
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    My account still rocking.
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