Steve Cohen: Trading With Information

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 777, Dec 9, 2021.

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  2. You missed an important word from your thread title: "Inside"

    And another important word, "Illegal"


    PS this is a great book
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    Thanks for the book tip!
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    Cohen was right to be cagey, inside trading laws are vague, ambiguous and arbitrarily enforced.

    At end of the day Feds took $1.8 bill and walked away. Laws what laws?
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    A normal person, like me, watches the film 'Wall Street' from 1985 and gets terrified of insider trading when Bud Fox is arrested. Cries like a baby and does the perp walk of shame.

    But some people must see that film as a Manual on how to get rich.
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    So no Anacott Steel for joo? How about Bluestar Airlines?
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    Fine. Go after the crooks on Wall Street but, the biggest crooks still work in Congress. And they do it their entire lives.

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    I notice Point72 has not crushed the market.