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    I do consider S/R lines and volume when setting entry and exit points.
    Is your scalping effective? Is your account growing?
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    @Leob, thank you for pointing me to VPOC, it looks very interesting and reminds me of volume profile, identifying the price at which trades in a given day or time period took place
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    Mainly pay my bills.. not to much fat remain
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  5. Well then I guess you'll just have to be part of the 95% that loses then
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    I am having good results trading break outs in stocks. This guy has some good videos if you are looking to emulate someone's style of trading.
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  8. Sometimes that's all you need. Especially as most of us have a long or short bias in terms of seeing opportunities.
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    I agree. I've always felt like my strategy is somehow incomplete but I really never got into shorting or options trading to take advantage of corrections or bear markets. Shorting or options trading have the added complexity of requiring being correct in timing the market. A thing I also realized recently is that I really need to slow down my trading and I somehow feel like having a strategy that works both long and short would give me almost no time to take a step back and relax :)
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  10. Exactly. Most focus on the financial aspect of what trading can offer but ultimately money equals time. And if you're making a good living but spend 18hrs a day in front of your screen are you really wealthy or just rich? All you need is something that works consistently. Don't complicate it if that's what you have.
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