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  1. Hi does anyone know any stock watchlist programs I can use that will give me a certain stock's +/- over the last 2days, 3days or 4days? Lately I have been just recording it in my excel sheet and adding the totals manually. It would help if there was a watchlist that would do it automatically. Thanks and any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm not quite sure what you're looking for but if you are looking for stocks up/down for the last X days and then also to know the magnitude of the change per X day and then to have either dynamic update or a watchlist then can do that easily.

    Many ways to do this but plug this syntax into the free version...

    Show stocks where close has been increasing over the last 3 days
    and Average Volume(90) is above 500000
    and close is between 5 and 250
    add column close minus close 5 day ago
    sort column 5 descending

    Top 5 stocks with 3 consecutive up closes with largest 5 day close to close change were


    Then a neat feature is you can download results along with criteria into Excel and manipulate there also.
  3. Tradestation, worden bros software, wealth lab, ninjatrader, and a bunch of others that you can find on the IB website and the opentick website.

    ninjatrader is prob you best solution as its free and you can 'power it' with opentick which is almost free/ or use yahoo quotes

    I currently use tradestation but I also require more than your asking for in your post

    best of trading to you