Stocks bucking the Market.

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  1. VINO finally took out resistance at $6.50.

    ALF holding out at $7.8, 52 Week is $9 after some Uber news.

    I bought 4000 LWLG at $6 as a long hold after some news.
  2. Oh, DASH been lugging around since $139, bought the $165 calls yesterday for $1.50, sold and added to core position.
  3. I want to apologize for posting LWLG because it’s a Pink. BKD $8.39 added more. Additional 500 ZDGE at $18.04, 400 JOAN, 1000 additional TLYS $15.00($1 dividend June 25th) average.The charts are parabolic less the 500 point drop in DIA. Yesterday my RVLV jumped to $64 on 3000 index inclusion.
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  4. Starting to buy some NTNX $40s in October and 500@$39.05, stupid me selling my NTNX at $35 when I knew Bain Cap was holding.
  5. “ATOS slowly creeping up, not a fan of biotech though. GENI bought some yesterday. LWLG holding for $9 or $10. “.

    I thought I posted the above yesterday, funny! Not sure what to do with LWLG now $9. After riding RVLV from $52 to $67, I can wait longer. Have ATOS from $5, NTNX holding over the Summer.
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  6. I bought some MCW, my goodness they're always packed!
  7. Not following your gut costs big gains, I knew SPCE was under excellent accumulation when someone was buying the July $100 Calls. Why complain, had 50($1.30 average) contracts total and exited out for $2+ instead of $18 today. What can you do? MRIN looks like a interesting pump and dump, the high is $5.80 with Social Media promoting it everywhere. Late to the game, hoping to grab some for a After Hours pump. Bought XYF at $12, blundered not selling at $15.6. Might hold XYF for higher price, out of RVLV and ALF at various churns. SPCE is killing me because I knew something was up.

  8. TLYS paid its $1.00 dividend and can’t figure what to do with LWLG now as it took out $10.00 where I said I would sell. Let’s let it ride a little more. DASH is good, VINO a POS for now.
  9. Exiting 80 percent of MRIN after carrying over. Will keep a little for $5.90 takeout.
  10. Well, here's part of the small trade. It took out its 52 Week high like I theorized on Friday because everyone was chatting about MRIN on all the Pump sites I visit.

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