Stop paying credit cards. Give yourself a bailout!!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by jueco2005, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Stop paying credit cards. Give yourself a bailout!!

    I DID IT.

    Now I have to see what chase is going to do after me.
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    typical Cuban :D
  3. :) :cool: :p :)
  4. I only owe $163.83. Not much of a bailout.

    How about sending me what you aren't paying your credit card company? TIA :D
  5. 12,000.00

  6. you just sold yourself out for 12k?......bad move.

    that`s chump change in yesterdays money....our very identities/value will be based on our credit scores in the very near future.that`s a blemish the new bankruptcy laws will bury you with....& for $12k?

    you`re going to regret that move if that is indeed what you did.
  7. I dont need and I dont want any credit. It is only useful to get into more debt. I am free now.

    In case the company goes after me, I will make my move to pay a way lower amount at a decent fix %.

  8. Keep updating us on what happens. I am curious to see how they handle this.
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    I don't know how old you are amigo, but i agree with spooz. You have no idea how badly you are selling yourself short. 12K is nothing in your lifetime...bad credit is. peace
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    I don't know seems like a good enough amount to me. Unfortunately I pay my credit cards off every month and have a large amount of savings. So I'm a shmuck in this country right now. If you already have a fixed rate mortgage whats the problem? Obama's plans still want banks to lend to deadbeats more than to someone like me with a perfect credit score.

    Going through a refi right now. People with horrible credit are getting better deals on interest rates and not having to pay for the fees like I am. I checked, we are too fiscally responsible to get the government freebies or the prime interest rate reductions.

    Maybe 10 years down the line it'll be different, but by then it's off your credit report. I'd buy a couple more big ticket items before you default though. You probably only will get one shot at this enchilada, although the way things are going you could probably get a second chance pretty soon though the Defaulting on your debt isn't your fault Act of 2010.

    Good luck.
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