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  1. Hey,

    Is anyone interested in studying reviewing and discussing Al Brooks' books? The initial target is about 10-20 pages in a day individually, discuss charts, notes, and learnings as a team.
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  2. sridhga


    I am interested. How do we coordinate? I am reading it every day. Located in India.
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  3. sridhga


    I prefer his original book over his 3 book series. I have all of them in Kindle. But his first book I bought a hard copy too, so that I can read it again and again.
  4. mikeriley


    I found Bob Volman's books on the same subject much
    easier to understand, not to mention he provides 10x
    more chart examples.
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  5. I remember Brooks himself mentioning somewhere, he wrote 3 books as the first book was difficult to understand. I want to begin with Book 1: Trading Price Action Trends. I am in India too, we could read separately and review/discuss together with our notes.
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  6. padutrader


    he is God

    but that is the problem....not easy to understand God.

    i after 14 years now understand a few things and that is enough to get a funded account with top step trader.

    be prepared for a lot of pain
  7. sridhga


    That is like 2000 pages of reading. At 10 to 15 pages a day, it works out to about 135 to 200 days of reading.
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  8. I have tried reading his book at a faster pace but that drastically reduced the comprehension. With time I was hoping to get some speed; do you have any recommendations on how to go about?
  9. sridhga


    Do go at your own pace. I cant suggest changes to your pace when comprehension is involved. As far as the original book goes, I read it multiple times. The trilogy, I tried, but did not complete them. I lost time on those 3 books. On hind sight, I should have taken the original book earlier and completed it faster. I tried reading like 30 pages a day, but that can be exhausting. During the course, we tend to forget the concepts we learnt at the beginning. Sometimes we would find some contradictions between different topics. The editors at Wiley have done a lousy job on all those 4 books. I even noticed grammatical errors in the first book. But, broadly everything fell in place after studying it multiple times. Beyond the study, applying it real time is another challenge all together. I am not smart enough to learn it faster and apply them on the markets. Took sometime for me.
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  10. Are you referring to Reading price chars bar by bar?
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