“Sure it can happen in Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey and Iran, but you’d have to be a total conspirac

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  2. Anything CAN happen, but will it? Iran's case is the result of 40 years of isolationism, sanctions and corrupt government.
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    I don’t understand the quote. Things change. As of today it can’t happen, but the world is actively trying to displace the dollar as the reserve currency. If that happens, then who knows what could happen in the future. Predicting the fiture with certainty is a fools game
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    The Raven - "Would you buy a used car {or Gold} from this guy?"

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    People are stupid and they don’t have a brain. How can a currency collapse if it’s backed by unchallenged military
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    Surely this had nothig to do with the re-institution of sanctions on Iran and now Turkey?
  7. "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." -- Yogi Berra
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    -Emperor Nero
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    by the way - gold has become the ultimate dumb money trap.
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    Indeed. Except apparently it's a quote from some paper by Danish Statistical Society which later was misattributed to Yogi Berra.

    On the topic, I think developed markets are always more in danger of deflation than hyperinflation, simply by how the economy is structured. Modern technological advances make the deflationary pressures only harder.
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