“Sure it can happen in Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey and Iran, but you’d have to be a total conspirac

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  1. All it takes for the US dollar to collapse is for other countries to no longer accept it. Strangely Sadam tried to trade outside the dollar, and we killed him. Then Gadaffi tried that too, and we also killed him. If China and Russia were to together refuse to trade in dollars, that, I believe would be the end of the dollar.
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    Actually you'd need to get oil to stop being denominated in dollars, Russia to have an economy that was more that 2% of the world's GDP, China to cut off the 25% of their exports that go to the U.S. and be willing to write off most of the trillion in USD denominated US debt they hold (Trump's working on that), get everyone else in the world to agree on a replacement common currency, rewrite every contract, precedent, and process that is dependent on the stability of the dollar as a reserve currency, and about a thousand other things for the "dollar to collapse".

    And seriously, Gaddafi and Saddam were killed because they were a threat to the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency, get a grip man (also helps your credibility as an expert on what they did if you know how to spell their names)!
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  3. You don't have to take it personal. Both Saddam and Gaddafi vowed to stop trading oil in the US dollar, both were killed shortly afterwards.
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    What in the world would indicate I was taking any of this idiocy personally, that would require me to think you knew fuckall about the subjects upon which you are pontificating!
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  5. It's your venomous nasty attitude. For some reason, you didn't like what I said, so you spewed your nasty hatred. I was just wondering why? Rather than name calling, can you state that both didn't vow to stop trading oil in dollars shortly before their deaths? Is this untrue?
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    Both Saddam and Gaddafi didn't know WTF there were doing one minute to the next.

    It is truly laughable the conspiracy chit people come up with these days.
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  7. They did know. Look into it. They both vowed to stop trading oil in the US dollar. That's a true fact, whether you like it or not. Shortly after, they were both killed. This is also a true fact. Facts don't change with the wind. Now, whether this is proof that the US killed them to protect the dollar, that's something no one knows. But it is quite an interesting coincidence.
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    I never said they didn't babble about moving away from the dollar. They babbled all the time ya know.

    But it wasn't ..... right before they were killed. And it was just paper dictator talk.
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    Not to mention all the people who've been babbling about such things for years and not been killed. I think basic logic tends to elude these conspiracy nuts. Who also think Russia makes up a major part of the world economy apparently.
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    Debunking the Dumping-the-Dollar Conspiracy


    For at least the last decade, a persistent, recurring conspiracy theory has held that major oil exporters will stop pricing oil in dollars, which will then lead to a collapse in the U.S. economy as the dollar becomes worthless. According to some accounts, Iraq’s decision to price its oil in euros rather than dollars precipitated the U.S. overthrow of Saddam Hussein, and Iran’s threats to move away from the dollar is the real reason the U.S. government is raising the alarm over the country’s nuclear program.


    (rest at the link)
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