Swing/Position/Investing/Daytrade Book By David Floyd

Discussion in 'Trading' started by murray t turtle, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Frankly my business plan allows for frequent trading;
    but the swing/ position trading did much better on a %% basis, so I am selling some market making time frame books.

    This David Floyd book is helpful;
    How I Achieved Triple- Didget Returns In Daytrading.

    I agree with his 20 period working moving average/charts;
    not that it is as helpful as a 200 day ma.But rather than use his 58 or 60 /1 minute candle charts... I found 58 days/60 days 60 weeks weeks, 60 months much more helpful. Much less comissions also .

    Some of his info is a bit dated[early 2000 area];
    like his bid ask spread is a bit wide.LOL

    Book is in above average shape;
    i marked some candles it with federal reserve color green;
    blood red for downtrend ........................$49.77 plus $4.99 postage.
    COD deliverys will work, or i will take a personal check,i dont use paypal.Money Back ,if not satisfied 7 day inspection.I usually take 7 or 8+ days to respond to any email

    Also while his track record is quite good, assume he is telling the truth;
    this book is not nearly as good as Market Makers Edge, by Joshua Lukeman, with Joshua's 6 month candle charts.

    David Floyd much prefers NYSE stocks,[for example GE.C] noting they' re more orderly, still true today BUT frankly some NASdaQQQ stocks are plenty orderly enough for swing position trading /imvesting