System/mechanical/strategy prop shops?

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  1. Are there props that will teach/tutor/mentor this type of trading?


    P.S. There was a similar thread, but it was 4 years old and things may have changed.
  2. It would be nice to know if there are any futures spread trading props in the US.......I would really like to interact with some experienced spread traders for several ideas I have. This is a area of futures trading that makes complete sense to me for scaling up but I have no background in spread trading.
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    Spread trading is just a fancy way of paying double the commission to close a losing position.
  4. You have no idea what you're talking about, so why are you talking at all?

    Chicago still has several shops that hire and train new people, but at this point the amount of automation and experienced talent available makes for a very long shot.
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    Phuck you brownshit. You lose on a spread, you have to close both legs, that's double the commish compared to closing an outright.
  6. Yet another ET superstar. Basket trading and stat arb must be bad ideas too. Actually make that any relative value approach at all. Which means I guess that all those hedge funds and HFT/arb shops could really use a dose of your wisdom, huh?

    After all, sometimes a trade is a loser, and clearly the worst thing is having to close more than one leg!

    "Phuck you brownshit"? Are you in junior high?
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    look at the list of chicago firms
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    if its mechanical/systematic it can be automated. what would the hman element be?
  9. How about shops where you trade your own money?

  10. I think that's probably possible, but good automation, at least if you're looking for fast execution, can be expensive. Probably $5-6k/mo desk fee.
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