Taking Out a Short on GMCR again, she don't disappoint Shorties!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by JesseJamesFinn, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Hey, I bought the following stocks over the last hour, VLO, HFC, TSO, RCL, CCL, POST, added to COLM and Shorted GMCR.

    My Short is at $50.30, my cover is $49 or less if the trend continues and GMCR with their product blunders keeps angering their client base. Might be scarry for people afraid to follow trends so please don't Short unless you have stops or know how to hedge. Good luck!
  2. I thought my post went through, I bought POST, GIS, Mondelez, TSN, and buying long dated calls on HFC, TSO and VLO(not a high concentration) plus its a great time for begining Traders to see how Old traders seek out protective positions that are rising in a falling Market.

    STZ,VLO,POST, CPB,HRL,,WWAV, HAIN, LABL need to buy some TSO now, good luck
  3. Bought all the Calls you see on EXR with the December $80 Strike price, someone called me a Troll because I stopped out of my GMCR at $50.68, EXR is one fire!
  4. Volume on POST December $70s is 10,520, that's so far beyond regular volume make's you wonder if it's going to get bought out too. I've followed POST since asking how to unload my Calls two or three years ago, you think a company that came to Market two-plus years ago can get bought out? Good Luck and have Good Weekend!