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  1. ChaelBu


    Hi folks
    Is anyone familiar with TAVAN TRADING? I saw some ads on Facebook about them.
    Is registered in Seychelles, and they appear to be legitimate, but I'd like to get a second opinion before making a large deposit.
  2. zdreg


    What do see that make you think they are legitimate? Please list reasons.
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  3. SunTrader


    A certain LucaAlessandro asked this same question on another trade site a week ago.

    Getting the word out huh? Gee doesn't anyone know ....
  4. MrMuppet


    6 posts... R U shilling, kind Sir?
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  6. destriero


    "Tavan Trading" is a scam run by organized crime.
  7. Are you still in Truckee or did you hightail it out of there?
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  8. SunTrader


    Was thinking the same thing.

    Where in the world is .... destriero? :)
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  9. destriero


    We evac'ed yesterday. Thanks for asking.
  10. maxinger


    strange ....

    why do you want to ask us before making a large deposit?
    In case of doubt, make a small deposit.

    are you advertising for Tarzan Trading?

    I'd think Seychelles should be famous for fishing and tourism,
    not trading related services.
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