Tax on active traders in Germany

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  1. virtusa


    Just wanted to show that you are not real. You are a dreamer who makes no money.
    Your reaction tells it all. I found what I needed in less than one year. I was motivated to find quickly a solution as I paid around 50-53.5% taxes on my trading.
    The fact that you are already busy a few years confirms that you make not enough money to move somewhere else.
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  2. You have now wasted a few pages on this board with your speculation on how much money I make, which I of course would never tell you. You waste the time of people interested in discussing this topic and educate themselves. Write your own thread where you can throw trash around. Move on.
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  3. Overnight


    Let me guess the culprit...virtusa. Not many people who have me on ignore illicit the responses like yours very often.
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