The 1-year BTC chart looks terrible

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  1. Prolly something...

    The 1-year BTC chart looks terrible. My educated guess is that $20,000 is just around the corner, perhaps by June 2022.

  2. If you turn it sideways, its the profile of a Bored Ape

  3. btc.png
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    underrated comment.
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    The 1-year BTC chart looks terrible (investors from


    The 1-year BTC chart looks fantastic (traders from
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  6. :D:D:D

    I laughed out loud! Well done!

  7. All my comments and predictions routinely underrated
  8. TERRA was 115 UDS FIAT and 5 trillion in market cap (a slight exaggeration, but not much) a MONTH ago

    Tonight its .75 centavos

    Thus the Great Unraveling Begins
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    was your profile pic selected primarily to enhance your trolling of crypto lovers?
  10. Now we know all it takes to bring down the DeFi system. Haha.

    Tether, your turn next!
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