The Above 20K party

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    • BTC at $20,367.
    • After dipping below $20,000 I think this is the bottom for BTC.
  1. Overnight


    Bah. That's what I thought when the SP hit 4K.
  2. Trader Curt

    Trader Curt

    I wouldn't speak too soon. The weekends tend to have some unrealistic price movements. And even though we are above 20K, we are still in consolidation barely above the line and can drop at any moment.
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  3. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to load up on double-digit BTC/ETH. Come on.... you can go lower!

    Waiting for interest rates to jack the fuck up higher...
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  4. next stop 100k as predicted
  5. Overnight


    Perhaps, but WHEN?!?
  6. Patience little Padawan, we need to peg the above 30K party first.
  7. maxinger


    down it goes below $20k.

    It seems like you have to cancel your grand 20k party,

    and count how much $$$$ you have lost.

    You probably have to consider giving up trading because of
    counter-trend trading.

    The BELOW 20K PARTY, please proceed to celebrate.
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  8. Overnight


    Really. The NQ popped up in the first 30 mins or so, and is now sinking. Is that what BTC is doing? AHAHHA, nobody escapes the NQ! Oh my how the mighty BTC has fallen from the independent anti-fiat thing it used to be, to now a total dependency whore of the NDX.
  9. ETH is up 11% , its a bull market. The bull is endless
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