The Cost of a Government Shutdown

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  1. loyek590


    I'm not a big fan of government shutdown, but one thing that has always baffled me is after the shutdown they count the cost and it is usually about 30 billion dollars, and even the CBO agrees.

    So apparently, there are some departments or some programs which actually turn a profit, like MT. Rushmore? Or at least break even like Whitehouse tours.

    So why not just shut down anything that doesn't make money and keep anything that is profitable open? For instance, everybody knows IRS takes in more than it costs, so there is no reason to shut it down. DEA, DOE, EPA etc....shut those down and see if anybody notices.
  2. jem


    its all a show to give the establishment bastards cover to sell out the tax payers to the democrats and their establishment paymasters.

    The country ran fine with much less expense, so Obama and Reid closed down monuments and parks to and screw war veterans.

    Somehow obama and reid didn't take the blame.

    It was sick and showed how sold out the media and the politicians were.

    The sequester worked and the economy expanded. So what did the politicians do? they undid the sequester.
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