The Darkest Storm is About to Descend - You Can't Imagine the Carnage

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    The bottom line is that no matter what they do in washington - we have 3 problems that should be allowed to resolve without too much interference.

    1, Our life styles were far to grand and we will have to adjust pay and productivity to lower levels.

    2. Lenders are qualifying homeowners - which means much smaller buyers pool. Options, the fed guarantees loans the private sector won't touch,
    inflation drives up salaries and employment to allow purchasing poer to catch up to home prices
    or prices of real estate deflate much further.

    3. Since much of the service sector economy was based on bubble economics the U.S. will have to become more of a manufacturer again. Our people will have to adjust to lower wages.

    4. 10 years from now with home prices where they should be and real wages down - we could have better lifestyles. 1/3 of a smaller income going to housing with some left over, is going to be better than 70% of larger incomes going to housing with almost nothing left over for fun.

    5. I hope we deflate housing prices to the point where families need only one income.

    The problem ... is those idiots and washington are likey to prevent this from happening as best they can.


    change in technology could alter this scenario.
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  2. Ohio
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  3. That is geothermal . . . and yes it works.
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  4. =============
    SellHi - Buy low;
    yes & no .

    Lots of uptrends in stupidity;
    so opportunities on the other side of the trade.

    Real Estate in TN still looks good/trends ,[ nickname buy Low-Sell hi] TN RE, much of it never did get crazy like sand states.RE is not one [1]market at all ,like SPY, QQQ.

    Long term , i think you understated it-wisest wealthiest man that ever lived ,said ''a ranging bear is like a wicked ruler''- Solomon

    Looks like QQQQ are uptrending now,50dma close again;
    oil looks up trending again , but that maybe a bit premature,
    maybe not, looks likelongs as a good risk reward anyway.

    And i wasnt just refering to bear/bears because of gov/rulers[Solomon,trader king did connect the two];
    you had unwise ceo s/rulers like LEH, C,GM..... blaming shortsellers/others. So pay day someday :D
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  5. 800 to 700 in the blink of an eye here on the S&P.

    From there, who knows. I don't think 650 is whacky.
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    its sealed and your constantly circulating fresh air thru it
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  8. (* but get a shotgun)
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  9. the greatest bull market is about ascend. More carnage for short.
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  10. When[/] the next bull market does begin, probably at least 30 months from now if not longer, will you have any money left?

    You already lost 90% of your principal, and are completely wiped out had you bee trading on margin.

    (But you are a paper trader anyways)
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