The Darkest Storm is About to Descend - You Can't Imagine the Carnage

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    ByLow is right. I am sure he has been short in the last 6 days when the market rallied 700+ points...
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  2. Without actual financial data, actual trades, or relevant direct information on stocks/companies/charts, etc...this thread is destined to be moved to Chit Chat, as it is just conversational in nature. It is just one more in a long line of threads about ultra pessimism or ultra optimism.

    I'll give it another day.
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    the guy is right. i have a friend that works at a law firm that handles foreclosures and he says the same thing. the number of foreclosed homes is mind boggling.
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  5. Joab


    The way out is to ....

    Impeach George W. Bush

    Make him an example of what will happen to a President that sells out his people.

    Would you let an axe murderer walk scott free ?

    There must be punishment for crime especially at the top levels.
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  6. Notice Bush will moving back to Texas...the oil state....


    Usually, when oil does goes Texas.....

    And when oil is very low.......there is no sympathy from the non oil US states....

    Texas should join OPEC and depart from the union.........
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  7. The way out is to ....

    Impeach George W. Bush

    lol, Most importantly, when he leaves office, you can say we should have impeached George W. Bush.
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  8. Do you have a similar chart for, say, Rome? Or the Ottoman Empire? Or ancient China?

    Or hell, even Great Britain. At their height (i.e., back when "the sun never set"), I'm guessing that they were probably the undisputed economic powerhouse of the world.

    Charts or no charts, for each of these nations/empires you'd EASILY be able to find periods of 100+ years of booming economic growth. And eventually, each of them fell (dramatically) from their peak.

    I'm not saying America's downfall is now. We've seen worse than this, and besides... technology has made the world drastically different--the rules have changed. But the rules *always* change, and there's still absolutely no reason to suspect that the rule changes have made America's dominance permanent.
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  9. This will produce roving bands of homeless, hungry US citizens who will be knocking on our doors looking for a hand-out.
    Some will be nice, others will try to rob you.
    Better get your guns !
    We are about to go into a police state in the USA.
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  10. Totally and unequivically nonsense.

    rumour and fear mongering at its finest.

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