The day, when printing more $ & € - stops working.

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    Any thoughts, on when the things could really start to crack up, be it 30 - 50 or even hundred of years away ?
  2. As long as there are sheep...there will be wolves.
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  3. When the markets perceive that "CB pumping" no longer works.. that the Fed has become feckless, pushing on a string.. that will be a catastrophic watershed day. Will mark the end of an era and usher in a HUGE financial reset around the world. Might knock us back to the stone age, financially.

    In Elliot Waves jargon (if you believe in that sort of thing), I think it will mark the end of the "5th of the 5th of the 5th Grand Supercycle" (the origin of which may be up to subjective interpretation, but it goes back to at least the depression lows)... and there will be no joy for anybody when that happens. Unfortunately, that day might not be all that far off.

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