The Economist - Most Liveable Cities 2011

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  1. Many big cities are too self absorbed.

    You go to Milan or Paris and the only bands playing are some local heroes who suck monkeyballs but through the size of the city achieve mega status nevertheless.

    Or the bars close at midnight and you have to move to expensive private clubs to continue your evening.

    I guess it's a little like getting Megan Fox or something into bed.

    It was good, but a slightly less perfectly build female might very well have given you more pleasure.
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  2. Whatever. But remember, your Florida privileges have been revoked. Not that there will be a lack of Canadians there, for some reason fleeing the most idyllic country on the planet.
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  3. LOL fair enough, Florida privileges revoked. Don't put words in my mouth though, I hardly think Canada is the most idyllic country on the planet.

    As for Canadians travelling to Florida, we use the state for its warm weather in the winter. And it's cheap as hell to go there. I just came back from South Beach a couple of months ago. $40 flight there and back from Detroit. Florida Panthers hockey game - $40 tickets, all you can eat and drink (alcohol). Hardly any fans at all, so sit wherever you please. This compares to a hockey game in Toronto that will cost you minimum $200 just for an average seat alone. It's no wonder we like to visit.
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    It really depends about one's prospects. You don't need to look too far to meet parents who moved out of London and HK with their kids to find a better life in a quieter and greener city. There are very likely more of those than immigrants to London, NYC or HK who changed the world. It seems quite a few french are happy to move back to France from London once they have a family for instance. I've lived in HK and contemplated moving to London before having kids ,so i'm in no way bashing those places but now wouldn't mind moving to a smaller place like Zurich (where I had a mostly very good time when living there as a single as well) Munich, or even Oslo, which are cities that repeatedly rank in the top spots of the Cities offering the best quality of life - for obvious reasons when you visit them
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  6. YOD5FED


    It seems I have been absent from the finer points of the examples of Canada bashing, which seem to be all too prevalent, considering the incredible,yet cold country that we brave few call home. Kass, I completely agree with you, we go to the United States to take advantage of the low prices and cheap tickets, going to a flames game is indeed ridiculous! I gave my dad a birthday present last year to go to a hockey game and even that was ridiculous, 35$ for nosebleeds and a meal combo. Yet it was still packed. Ghost of Cuttup, you have redeemed yourself somewhat from the utter stupidity you were spewing about how nobody goes to cities such as Calgary or Auckland, or how nobody wants to live in a minor country compared to a major one, well no right minded Canadian would dare hiding the fact that they are Canadian while overseas, we might be mistaken for an ignorant "mightier than thou" American tourist, and nobody wants that!
    As to Maverick and AAA Beltway Boy over there... welcome to real life. If you actually pulled your finger off the trigger and your eyes out of the sights of your guns, then maybe you would actually see that your supposed closet racist neighbours are actually not racist at all, if you would kindly take a look back at history, we see time and time again the hostility your nation has shown to other cultures, and I am mainly speaking of the blacks and a small matter called the slave trade, now I am confused, the blacks were coming from Canada to escape slavery, or was it the other way around, being a closet racist really confuses things these days... Seriously, if you think that your "meting pot" of cultures makes you so much better than that vast amount of immigrants whom we welcome into our culture and our communities so much better, please elaborate. I myself also live in Calgary, and there is a significant percentage of my upper middle class community (houses in the 400K to 800K, range which are owned by Asians or other immigrants, such as blacks or latinos, so please look up some information before you give it as fact. 10% of a million people are Asian, and many of them are wealthier than I am. In fact, in some cases, it is actually the whites who are being oppressed, we have less rights and privileges, because we cannot claim minority status.
    Beltway Boy, please don’t start with the health care, its one thing Obama is actually trying to right. Our health care system may not be Ideal, but its not excluding care and sacrificing lives simply because of a lack of money. I don’t really see where you are really coming from about the whole MRI being exotic thing, the only reason why they would go to the States for an MRI, would be that they are given to the ones who need it most, not simply those with money coming out the Wazoo.
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  7. LEAPup


    I live in the South East, but it's still cold enough where I am to make me consider Florida.

    Anyone here living in FL?

    I'm looking for:

    -An area that's not overly crowded like Daytona, Miami, etc., or what I would consider "citified." I prefer smaller communities.

    -An area where crime isn't going insane.

    -An area that's conservative, friendly to gun owners, and has a population of no b.s, common sense types.

    -I don't need to live on the beach. I don't mind driving an hour or so for a weekend on the coast.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! :)
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  8. Scottsdale, AZ :D

    great place to live.

    btw the summers arent that bad unless you work outside, are overweight
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  9. Frostie


    20% of Canadians are immigrants. ~5 million people out of ~30 million people were born in other countries around the world.

    25% of Canadians do not recognize English or French as their mother tongue. ~7.5 million people speak a different language as their first language.
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  10. Frostie


    I can't believe Phoenix wasn't on that list. Being Canadian we went there to get a break from the cold and could not believe how nice it is in Arizona. For us, if we could take our incomes with us we would live like kings down there.... $19 for a 60 of rum?!?! $20 for 30 beer? Food/gas/clothes/everything way cheaper than home. And the real estate is dirt cheap, the condo we rented is owned by another Canadian and he got it for $40k, which would cost $400k here.
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