The Economist - Most Liveable Cities 2011

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    Most of the locals on the west coast of florida fit that description. Many of them came from the midwest.

    You probably need to stay away from the recently developed areas as they are filled with people from the north east who think they know more than the locals.

    Disclaimer, I moved back to San Diego, I liked the locals but when my trading income dwindled I had to move back here to earn a living.
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    Jem, give me your overview of San Diego. What profession are you in that was more lucrative there then being in FL?
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  5. People in the Phoenix are who have solid jobs like doctors, lawyers, etc. are usually the ones who move to Scottsdale (especially when the house prices were more at their peak.). Scottsdale is very much older, professional people (along with the newer rich of course in Paradise Valley, etc.).

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    According to this blacks make up 2.5% of the population and latinos 1%. Most those minorities are French and Europeans! Over 80% of them are white. You can't get any whiter then that. Seriously man, have you seen the demographics of the US?
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  7. I wonder if the recent quakes in NZ and the recent floods in Australia may change a few evaluations.
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  8. Wowsers - Looking at Condos in Vancouver - I was looking near the University of B.C. admittedly - many $600K+++ for 2/2 1400 SQ Ft. - $400K+ for 1/1 800 SQ Ft. Also they all seemed to have $150-$300/month maintenance at least.

    With the housing issues in the U.S., you can get a mini mansion (4000 SQ Ft+) on 1 acre in a good part of Phoenix for those prices, and even less. Scottsdale included.

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    No offense, but have you been to Vancouver lately?

    quote: "Vancouver has a population of 41.7% visible minorities."

    Driving through Richmond is basically like a tour through Beijing, virtually all the signage is in Mandarin or Cantonese

    Just as an FYI - not meant in a racist context, simply pointing out a fact.
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    I specifically pointed out blacks and latinos. The US would kill to have Vancouver's asian population. I don't see San Francisco begging the Asians to leave do you?
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