The Economist - Most Liveable Cities 2011

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  1. A manager of mine was from Melbourne, he missed it although being OC, CA ain't bad either. Vancouver is nice but its big $$$ and the weather just sucks. It reminded me of visiting Dublin, nice people and all but the weather sucks. Who wants to live in perpetual drizzle. We have so many days of sunshine in Denver during the winter its great.
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  2. Calgary is great, but sprawling. I enjoyed my time there very much tho.
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  3. Mav, I am orginally from Chicago and so many ex-chi-town folks live here in Scottsdale.

    1. you get alot of bang for your buck (cheap housing, but still the big million dollar homes to fit your needs. low property taxes, cheap insurance

    2. great weather, 3-4 months it is hot outside, but better hot then cold. and no bugs in the evening

    3. so much to do in phx, the outdoors, events, high end social events, night clubs, golf, spring training, car events, something to do every weekend

    4. low crime rate in PV/scottsdale/biltmore area (the crime is on the west side)

    5. The desert is gorgeous place to live. Palm trees, mountains. Chicago outside the skyline is ugly, just like NYC as well. Best sunsets and views you will find anywhere in the world

    6. friendly ppl for the most part-most of the successful people come from other areas as it is new. Alot of start ups in the area aka

    7. Public schools arent great but if you $ you can send your kid to decent private schools

    8. if you are bored with AZ (LA is close, vegas is close, SD is close) skiing in Flagstaff, palm springs, cabo - only 2 hour plane ride away

    9. for the most part illegal immigrant problem on the other side of the town.

    10. some of the best looking women you can ever imagine.

    I will always own my condo here.

    anyone has any questions or is in phx/scottsdale contact me
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    Great post! I was just looking through some real estate sites and found some really nice homes there. I also hear that the fire department will come over and remove the occasional rattle snake from people's back yards in Scottsdale. Doesn't worry me. At least they make noise to let you know they're close (and I don't need to get any closer!:eek: :D )

    I can see where Scottsdale would be a very appealing place to call home.
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  6. I have never seen single snake in my 8 yrs of being here.

    scorpions yes, but no snakes. :D
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    Hear hear...I have lived in NYC - the armpit of america! Visited London a few times and it is OK, (I used to think it was the center of the world) well it was actually that a hundred years another armpit with almost as bad weather as NYC. Well, I won't even mention Chicago...brrr...
    *Livable* does not mean for the rich is for an average family. Most of these guys in NYC London are singles and they move the fuck out as soon as the kid arrives. or they are fags in the east village. Family is not for everybody but you must be very rich to have one in London or Manhattan and maintain your lifestyle, schools etc.
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