The Economist - Most Liveable Cities 2011

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  1. Pekelo


    What most of you don't get, that EVERYTHING is relative. Music, food, most liveable city, prettiest girl, whatever.

    If you are into American football and hockey, Pittsburgh IS the best place to live! :)
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  2. obviously quality of food not in selection criteria. Except if you love fish & chips using substandard ingredients.

    And love women with celulite.

    So, yes must have been british doing this list.

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  3. loza

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    these lists are notoriously bull crap...Vancouver has no highway, hence in rush hour you could be sitting on some street....(a lovely city by the way, but pleeeze the weather is crap!! rain and more rain. Based on that alone, Seattle could have made the list at least..)
    As for no US cities I can see crime, stupid local politicians etc play a role but still surprising....(what about portland, seattle?)
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  4. Yep,I wouldnt live in vancouver ever again.Maybe these lists are made by asian gang members..then vancouver would top the list .I would think there has to be a few cities in florida,cali,hawaii that would be pretty decent to live in
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  5. Paris? Have you even been there? Well... I guess Paris is ok as long as you avoid the Parisians. When I was there, I enjoyed talking to everyone EXCEPT the Parisians. They just had a big attitude and seemed to get irritated really easy. (Plus half of them stink because they think they only need to shower once per week.)
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  6. For example, we now boast the lowest corporate tax rate in the entire G7.

    True however your Personal Income tax as far higher than that of the US.
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  7. agree. it is a shithole. remember 15k dead from heatwave recently. Imagine smells. No wonder they hate themselves and the world.
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  8. guess Paris is ok as long as you avoid the Parisians.


    I play the "BUDDHA BAR" every year in Paris. The Parisians are fine.
    It's the North Africans and Arabs you have to watch out for.
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  9. whoever wrote that list doesn't care about climate, because half those places are fucking shitholes in winter. yeah vancouver is a great place -- from may to september. the rest of the time it's non-stop clouds and drizzle/rain.

    san diego is the best city in north america
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    Your observation or do you have proof?
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