The Economist - Most Liveable Cities 2011

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  1. luisHK


    Yes, Munich, Oslo, Copenhagen, Zurich and other northern european cities usually show up on top of those lists. Wonder why they don't appear here.
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  2. luisHK


    Paris is awesome. Besides why do you have to write "it's the north africans and arabs you have to watch out for " ?? You're unlikely to run into troubles with the wealthy middle eastern arabs who live in Paris, quite different from the poorer north african immigrants.
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  3. luisHK


    Nice but might be a bit boring full time. Singapore in Asia is more or less following Monte Carlo's steps and is also a very nice place to live in btw.
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  4. jo0477



    We're leaving Vancouver - a shame b/c it is a beautiful city (great snowboarding and all half hour away)

    Too bad we don't have a million stashed away to buy a shack, and everything is ridiculously expensive (food, gas booze) compared to most cities in Canada. Plus the traffic is horrendous along with the non-stop rain for months...

    It would be OK if salaries kept pace with the cost of living - ESPECIALLY HOUSING. Had they even factored that in, no way this place should be the most livable.
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  5. I wonder where Los Angeles ranks, or San Diego, or Santa Barbara? If climate were a factor, these places would have to be ranked higher...

    Canada in Winter? Yikes.
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  6. loza

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    I have lived in the hood in Cleveland, NYC, Chicago and other dubious palces but I have ONLY been mugged in Paris in the summer of 1997 by Algerian gangs.....(well, they stole my waist pack with 2 passports, 600+ currency USD and local stuff plus credit cards)....
    Paris is a great city(!!!) but far from safe. these fucking north africans are cockroaches and they mugg you steal your wallet etc.
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  7. These kind of lists are ridiculous IMO! These are all places to live for "Metros" IMO if you know what I mean. I would far rather live on a ranch in Texas (even "only" 10 acres, lol) then in any of these places. I would even rather live in a TX suburb and be within range of some openness!

    And I would agree that having Pittsburgh #1 is really, really awful at best - have these guys even tried to consider places like San Diego - what about places like San Luis Obispo? What about Palos Verdes Estates lol?

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  8. Visited Hongcouver, at least that's what my friends call it that live there, really nice and cosmopolitan, but the weather sucks there. Perpetual drizzle just like Seattle. No thanks. For $1 mil I can live in Newport Beach, and taxes will be similar.
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  9. thats why its best cities to live in, not best "part of hicksville" to live in
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  10. Maverick74


    I would think Montreal would be much more fun to live then Vancouver. I'm also surprised San Diego did not make the list. Anyone here actually live in San Diego? Apart from the obscene taxes in CA, what are the negatives to San Diego? And of course real estate prices. But all those cities on that list have high real estate prices.
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