The Economist - Most Liveable Cities 2011

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  1. Yep,the housing prices is what drove me away also plus The taxes in Bc are just a frikn joke. I dont see how its the most livable either.
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    I've always wondered about New Orleans too. Anyone ever live there?
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  3. Welp if the weather is the same as Detroit, New York or can have it!! I have visited Montreal and it seemed to be a lovely city. I'm a bit curious to know what their criteria of "livability" is. One of my top ten is SUNSHINE and plenty of it..... with a temperate climate. Australia and NZ would certainly fit that bill for the most part.
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  4. and Mav I've lived in Baton Rouge for a year and a half...just up the road from New Orleans...HOT and HUMID...ugh. NO is an interesting city to visit with great food and jazz but would never chose to live there. Crime capital of the south, not much culture, did I mention HOT and HUMID? Because of the climate outdoor sports are only hunting and tennis, golf etc because ,,,,,,HOT and HUMID :D
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    You are joking right ?
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  6. the true definition of "livable" is what is the best place a bureaucrat/welfare recipient can show up and leech off the system and have a high quality of life. naturally, all the "best" places are socialist.

    anyone with any measure of intelligence, education, creativity, curiosity, joie de vivre etc etc etc... would never want to live in these places but would choose real cities.

    for normal people here is a crude list of most livable places:

    1. New York City
    2. Los Angeles

    the rest are in no particular order:

    Hong Kong
    Rio de Janeiro
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    Not permanently. I think it would be fun to live there for a year. Definitely different.
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  8. San Diego is hicksville?

    I really question for these cities in Canada, if it is really so great to live in cold weather locations with expensive real estate. Actually sounds a bit opposite of what they should be looking for. I don't know about the Australia locations - I imagine them to be nice places, but I think all of the Canada are suspect at best.

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  9. Eight


    They, uh, leave things off of those lists...

    My criteria for best city would include local grown organic food, fantastic weather, fantastic dining, great entertainment, pedestrian oriented traffic, high level of adult education, low crime, surfing and sailing.. and I'm living there already.

    I would visit those at the top of the Economist's list but probably not want to stay. I could make my own list of best places to live and find some in Europe, Mexico [have to delete the education thingy but I like Mexicans anyhow], maybe even Africa...
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  10. :D Not sure if you are being serious or not, but I found humour in your post.
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