the end of UK.. RIP.

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  1. this little island - peanuts compared to the US of A did everything to be and remain one of the leading financial centres.. a quick look into economics books will tell of the great era of "privatisaion" in Britain and its "comparative advantage" in the services..

    the UK was effectively a financial services economy.. from banking, global pension funds to insurance and anything u can think of..

    in London they don't make cars or grow bananas, there are no factories or any raw materials. but there are thousands of building blocks of offices - for the services sector most of which if not all are financial services related.. a quick taxi trip in the city can give a good view of how many are empty now days.

    this little island doesn't produce anything meaningful.. with ridiclous charges imposed in as many different ways to keep it rolling.. from $10 train single way train journeys, congestion charges, tax on anything u can think of, mandatory insurance taxes on anything possible.. I'm surprised you're not charged for breathing in the UK..

    It never had a dime of materia, it lost its factories decades ago and now it's about to lose its service sector..

    this is the end of britain as we knew it..

    anyways the question now is, where is best to move for living now.. I surely don't want to learn Mandarin, but I hear honk kong or singapore are pretty nice places to be.. even some states in the middle east or how about south america? canada? Australia?
  2. And the U.S. is following right in the U.K.'s shoes, as we have for the last 20 years.

    A tragedy of epic proportions...
  3. Agreed. This is what happens when you do not kick the money-changers out of the temple...

    They have seized the means of production and shipped them to China. We are but call centre slaves now. :(

    In the same way as we purposely stood by as Iraq's museums and culture was destroyed, we have stood by as our culture, our faith, and our spirit was destroyed. Enter: mindless, hardline, corporate facism. We are all one now: 2nd class citizens, slaves to the money-changers. 30% credit card interest anyone?
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    Giving up on fish'n chip are we?
    God save the queen!

    Whatever. We needed all this. Consider it a reality check. Weather the storm and learn how to grow from it.

    OR hide in your house on the internet and whine about how terrible everything is, meanwhile people around you are figuring out how to leave you behind. Some people on this board really need to grow a pair.
  6. overthrow the bloody crown and seize all their assets. sick of seeing harry and william in the tabloids frequenting nightclubs getting drunk and squeezing boobies

  7. nahh thats old skool.. here in the UK we have payday loans at 10,000%.. and you know what, no ones doing anything about it - i wonder who's behind these scams..

    in the UK we have alot of writing and small prints.. you get charged for missing bills on anything possible, then we have companies who specialise in buying these outstanding debts to reclaim it as profit..

    we have CREDIT AGENCIES that apparently give us CREDIT SCORES. to view it each time we pay $20. to improve we must make applications to credit cards and increase our loans and credit limits.

    on streets of london parking ticket officers work extraordinary well. the law and order of tax and penalties work very efficiently. lottery, casinos, gambling, forget vegas that's old school compared to here.. poker clubs, on the road, on tv, on the net, u name it..

    u have major banks advertising for "advance" accounts where you pay them monthly a fee to have current account. you get some useless offers and your outrageous interest fee is reduced by 0.0001%.

    The whole country is a scam. there are 1000 laws that protect scammers in this country. be it the car insurance industry or health insurance companies that always find a way to get out of their contracts on a claim. you have lawyers that give you advice at $300/hour cheapest.

    you have a debt-controlled society. people with debt abide by laws well. you get 20 letters everymonth reminding you on the interest you will pay or debt you owe. they're very well organised.

    in london you dont have jobs where you make anything. most jobs involve tasks that are meaningless. government introduces laws regulatory bodies for nothing but it creates jobs. you have people in jobs to find jobs for others. you have regulatory bodies for every industry that hardly set any standard or act on anything. you have television shows that rip off viewers with fake competitions and other scams. you now have 'street guards' - to work along the police walking around the city without any power.. you already have cameras on every road, bus, train with someone with the 'job' of watching them.

    this country has nothing left. you have a royal family here that pretty much own much of the real estate and that's bout it.
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    your people pay $50,000/nite for whores in monaco.
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    Probably Obama's USA will be going the same way as Merry old England... I think traders are way ahead of the curve here in the USA. What the heck, if you see the ship is sinking get in a life boat, preferably the one with the best supplies!!
  10. Nothing more amusing than seeing snobbish British aristocracy getting their pompous asses handed to them by the financial crisis.
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