the end of UK.. RIP.

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  1. secret prisons in the UK eh

    you've been watching too many movies fuckface,you need to grow up quickly you are sounding like a cock.

    what makes me laugh is this cunt has never even been here,probably too fat to get on a plane

    fucking joker
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  2. achilles28


    Back-track?? LOL

    Nice try.....

    There are degrees or levels of expression.

    For instance, you're about a 8 out of 10, on the self-deluded, Government-ass-kissing, trade-liberty-for-security coward matrix.

    Britain is about a 5 out of 10 on the Police State continuum. 10 being east Germany or Soviet Russia. 1 being 19th Century America.

    Comprehend, Dumb Fuck?
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  3. achilles28


    Seems you can't understand the Queens English, neither ;)
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  4. In that case you are an easy 10/10 for being a total prick

    It's shitheads like you that really make me understand why the whole world (except for the USA) think Americans are amazingly stupid.
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  5. achilles28


    You're living in a pile of your own shit, and couldn't be happier.

    Alright, buddy. Enjoy your "ring of steel".

    Should keep you safe from the all the boogie men!
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  6. You're a piece of shit and here's why.

    I've just listened to Obama's inauguration speech and heard the many,many shit situations this guy has got to deal with from day 1,and you've got the balls to have a dig at the UK when the US is totally screwed.

    You a fucking hypocrite and considering you base your whole opinion on misguided/ill-informed views you should be ashamed of yourself,although being a pig shit ignorant,fat arsehole that is too much too ask.

    I'd worry about the state of your own land before anyones elses
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  7. Kap


    this is indeed the beginning of the end ... its Mumbai, shang hai, Dubai or say good bye !

    some asylum seekers are still arriving ... late though now, they have missed the party.
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  8. It's interesting all this anti-British sentiment -more revealing about the posters than the posts themselves.

    I thought at some point someone might answer the original posters question -which country is so much better? When GB has a new PM in 2010, which country is setting the example that should be followed? I don't see any great success stories out there.
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  9. this story isn;t a big deal. buy all dips. dow 10k soon.
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