the end of UK.. RIP.

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    Difficult not to like an argument which begins with this.. :D
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  2. I've gotta tell you fyshy that that map holds little credibility when under the 'leadership' heading the US is above the UK.

    I don't think Brown is great by any stretch but Bush is by far the worst in history,and no-one can deny that.
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  3. This thread is brilliant. I live in the UK and I have to say one of the things I like the most about it is the way the British are able to put themselves down. Well that and the fact they say things like "It's just a flesh wound" when they've lost an arm or a leg in an accident.

    I'm sure the UK is on the brink of... something. But what I wonder? A new era of some sort one would imagine.

    Anyway, enough, let's revert to some national stereotyping and dated insults! Hurrah, we were in WWII from the beginning and trounced the Hun etc etc etc
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    Amazing! This is what happens when a Country (with the ENCOURAGEMENT) of it's government, turns it's back on God and all traditional values.

    I live in the US, and have no doubt we'll wind up like the UK and France sooner than later.

    This is probably the most asked question by people these days; where can I move? I've asked the same question too. Sad!!!

    Turn your back on God's word, and His favor will NOT be yours...
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  6. France has maybe trown 4 billion USD to support it's banking system this crisis. How much has the US? 8 Trillion$?

    What bad is there to wind up like?

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    LOL!!! Do I even need to "go there" about France??? What a liberal, lost toilet!!!!

    Only God himself could actually love France, and it's idiots.
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  8. Ok Mr hillbilly calm down.:)
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  9. God is french
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    LOL!!! How did you know? Lol!!!
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