the end of UK.. RIP.

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    Blame the politicians for the state of the world's financial problems.

    Blame Greenspan etc. too for the muddle

    Blame the bankers.

    As always the poor will suffer it, not the above. Fair world ? Not bloody likely. Has everyone conveniently forgotten sub prime mortgages that started the rot ?

    bring back flogging and hanging - that would make them behave.

    Alchohol Prohibition enriched the Mafia and now drugs Prohibition enriches organised crime.
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  2. The Brits were done after Hitler. The krauts ass raped them so hard the brits lost all the milk heavy tits aka colonies they were leeching dry for centuries. Now all the educated Brits with any means are leaving in droves for the only viable colonies they have left, Australia and Canada. All that remains in Britain are moneylenders with multiple passports, droves of imported refugees brought in to dilute the population and bottom of the barrel lowlife whites in goverment estate housing who think just being white is privelege enough to continue living the high life.
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  3. Nice... You forgot the French, though.
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