the end of UK.. RIP.

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  1. What a bunch of cunts this lot from Detroit are eh?

    This guy clearly feels out of his depth and probably a little inferior,I think he needs our pity more than anything else.
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  2. ouch, sterling 1.46 and puking, RBS down 42%, Kaka not interested in joining the premiership, where is james bond?
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  3. How bitter are you?
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  4. Jason Bourne killed him and stuffed him in a dumpster in a back alley in a London slum.

    Americans even out-Bond Bond. :D
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  5. Alistair Darling today warned the whole economy will collapse if his bailout of the banking system fails.

    His admission came as Royal Bank of Scotland revealed it is facing losses of up to £28billion for last year, the biggest in UK corporate history.

    RBS said it had lost £7 to £8billion in lending and £15 to £20billion on its stake in Dutch bank ABN Amro.

    ooooh and i still see HARRY and william coming out of nightclubs DRUNK and hopping into limousines, what a cushy life
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  6. RBS down 50%, game over
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  7. m22au


    Lloyds (down 34%) will be the next to be nationalised, after RBS

    Plenty of articles here:

    about the potential for a run on the GBP
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  8. Why are you obsessed with Princes William & Harry?

    This is supposed to be a trading website,instead of worrying about something that is nothing to do with you why don't you concentrate your energies on trading profitably.

    You didn't mention what minority you were from BTW.

    Just to let you know if you are a foreigner and don't like it in the UK then can always fuck off to wherever you came,with your shitty attitude you will not be missed I can assure you.
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  9. the British working class.. good at pointing what right and wrong but never do anything about.. it's the british way of things - discussions, talks, arguments and the battle is won with words and point of views.. the society is 'multicultural'. it hardly achieves anything other than the fact that THE PEOPLE are divided in so many ways and have so little in common that they would never act together to throw away the monarchy.

    protests, marches, u name it all organised by the people in power themselves. the protests are the best organised you get.

    they actually argue the queen attracts tourists! haha.

    how could any civilized society celebrate monarchy?

    anyways, meanwhile you have financial regulatory body called the FSA. you have hedge fund managers running around Mayfair. all at the same time happen to be board members of leading companies with strong ties to the cabinet.

    you have much of the population glued to trash tv like eastenders, xfactors, big brother and other bullshit. it's a sleeping society. they don't live life. they don't even know what life is. so hooked on job status and having a mortgage is considered an achievement. hehehe.. the land is like a factory. people come and go. by the time they smell the wach a whole new group of immigrants are already here with their own dreams.
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  10. you nailed it, congrats
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