the end of UK.. RIP.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Batman28, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Where do you live Batman28?

    I hope to God you're not going to say America
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  2. my father is japanese-american and my mother is white british, what's it to you?

    oh yeah i am leaving, who the hell wants to live in a CUNTry with entrenched privileges for the elite. what a frigging joke.
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  3. spot on, mate. living on benefits, watching trashy TV.
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  4. UK
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  5. Well the sooner you fuck off the better,go feel sorry for yourself where someone gives a shit.
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  6. Are you also a foreigner like MohdSalleh?
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  7. Can we get all the silly brits out of Florida too???? back to the United Cockdom of Chavs.
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  8. Awwwww. getting all nationalistic and protectionist are we?

    i actually have dual citizenship and was born here, but i call it as i see it, this country is shit.

    what are you?? like some retarded defender of the crown who is leeching you off?
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  9. Why do want to get the Brits from Florida,what a bitter,horrible individual you really are.

    The reason why you should go, and go soon is because you obviously feel a large amount of hatred for the UK and dislike to the extent of trashing it on the internet.If you go around behaving like this in public are you honestly surprised you get some 'off' treatment,what do you expect.

    You probably came over here looking for a free lunch,when it didn't arrive you took the route of whining and bitching,probably best if you fuck off asap
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  10. I never intended to make a post to attract this sort of bollocks..

    any clear-minded individual understands national boarders are meaningless..

    there are many problems in the UK but other countries are not perfect.. but I expect more from a society of people who claim they're leading the way..

    we need to fight for the people and change this country. with 90% of clowns getting boners on some brazilan boy being paid £500k a week kicking a football we're not getting anywhere anytime soon..

    UK needs a revolution.. at the moment it's nothing but a island holiday for the extremely wealthy to buy houses up and down mayfair, kensington and chelsea.. yet they're not even here most of the year.. go out west end and you hardly hear anyone speaking english..

    the people of this country from all backgrounds must unite. unite for the good future of this country. we must march the streets of london for a real change.
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