The Life and Times of Harris Kupperman (Praetorian2)

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  1. I was reading some odd thread when I saw the Praetorian2 alias. I read back through his posts and decided to check him out on the web to see if he was for real. Apparently, he is probably one of the few successful stories on Elitetrader.

    Praetorian2 registered in 1999 and his real name is Harris Kupperman. Harris became known in 1999 when he won's challenge at age 18.

    In between 1999 and 2003, he attended Tulane in New Orleans.

    In 2003, he opened up Praetorian Capital. From looking at the various filings, it looks like his style is to buy little known thinly traded equities...some are on the bulletin board and the pinks.

    According to his new website,, it appears he did suffer some losses in 2008. In review of some of the filings going back to 2006, this appears to be the case.

    Well, it doesnt matter if Harris lost all of it because he is still young at the age of 29. I am certain that he will learn from his mistakes and get back on the bandwagon at some point. He still has the same strategy of investing in illiquid stocks though from all appearances.

    I sure hope he does well and wish him luck. That must have been a great ride...
  2. Do you know what kind of drawdown he had in the 07-09 period?
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  4. I don't know, but I suspect it was what some of us here might consider to be a high number. I don't believe in his strategy of investing in these otc/pink sheet/penny stock companies and I would discourage anyone from doing it. Despite what I consider a very flawed strategy and probably a drawdown that would make some of us cry, he has done fairly well for his age. I think he probably still has a few million left over despite the chaos and thats a lot more then most 30-year olds have nowadays.

    Im sure he will eventually get things together and there are some signs that he already has organized himself for the next step. Whatever happens, he is 30 with a few million so I am sure he can rebound a lot quicker then most of us can...

    I think he has done well for himself. According to his notes, he had a return of 2600% from 2003 to 2007. According to his posts, he stated that he would trade his capital up to a certain level and then withdraw excess cash. Lets hope that is the strategy he was using going into 2007...

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  6. Hi @Pekelo

    2020 was a good year for many, including myself (2020 was an anomaly). My argument relates to a personal meeting I had with Harris "Kuppy" Kupperman back in 2006-2007, in Miami Beach, where he advised me to invest $1M in his $100M Fund, which invested in African mines. He had a Marquis Jet card on his desk, facing my way. He said that it enabled him to fly to remote locations, and find rare opportunities. I passed.

    The fund imploded in less than a year, as I described in the above post. Kupperman has conveniently deleted this chapter of his life. I am simply "refreshing his memory", as he has done an outstanding job in scrubbing this off the Internet. Years later, he moved to investments in Mongolia, and that fund is down like 98%. Then hedge funds, and now a subscription-based model, based on his investment ideas!!!
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    Plus he’s an election conspiracy advocate.
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    On the other hand, he is right about Bitcoin. (that is how I have found him)

    If someone cares, BTC is a tradeable shit.
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