The market doubts Musk will buy TWTR

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    1. Musk offers to buy TWTR for $54.20.
    2. TWTR accepts offer.
    3. TWTR trading at $45.08.
    4. Dumb money would buy TWTR for easy 20% return.
    5. The market does not reward dumb money.

    My conclusion is that this deal will not go through.
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  1. I think a $1 billion break up fees is better than losing $20 billion.
  2. CET


    With TWTR's poor results recently released and them admitting they overstated the number of users, the market believes the deal will occur at a lower price than $54.20. Musk is foolish if he doesn't renegotiate.
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  3. TheDawn


    If TWTR overstated the number of users which is material information, that's fraud. Musk can definitely renegotiate or even sue TWTR for damage. $54.20 was too high of a price anyway imo even without this misrepresentation of facts. TWTR is a way too overrated company imo. Never liked its service. So lame that you are only allowed 2 lines of text when everyone else can write an essay. And when you respond, you never know to which message you are responding or where your message would end up showing up. And then there is tweets and retweets and retweets of retweets so you never where and which is the original message and you just get buried by all those hashtags. You have like two words of original thoughts preceded by like ten thousand hashtags. It's just dumb.

    Was kinda hoping that Musk will make it better once he buys it.
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  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    If Elon doesn't buy it then I may need to step in. I could run that site with my eyes closed.
  5. notagain


    Pretend to buy, renege and as the price crashes have one of his partners buy it for half price.
    Elon wants TWTR for the world stage, libertarian pushing back.
  6. zdreg


    Suggesting that Musk is foolish under any circumstance is a fool's game.
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  7. TheDawn


    I think this is what everybody is waiting for, to have its price to drop to low enough for them to buy it to run it with their eyes closed. :)

    We will be so proud of you, @Baron if you are really going to buy it and run it. We would be honored to have talked to you, the owner of Twitter.
  8. CET


    Well they are currently running Twitter with just one eye open, and of course it is the left one.
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  9. Overnight


    It was tongue-in-cheek, man. If Baron could afford to take TWTR private, he would not need to run this website to make his living.
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