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    Video journal coming soon. I will journal my thoughts and the ups and downs of trading. I will do recap videos of my day and on the weekend I'll do a recap video of the week. Hopefully this becames a journal where we can help one another became better traders. Please no TROLLS. I want to keep this journal positive, thats what ET is missing, POSITIVITY. There's to much "if I can't do it, you can't do it" going on here. I also want to post some live trades.

    Does anyone know of good screen recording software?
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  2. If you're on mac, you can use quicktime.
    Or heck, TeamView's recording function is efficient if you don't mind doing remote desktop.
    Recording is a good way of reviewing your past trades.
  3. Redneck


    Check out camtasia

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  4. djmartin


    I was looking into camtasia, I just didn't know how good it was.
  5. Redneck


    I've used it a bunch and like it - doesn't tie up too much processor

    Search for a free trial download and try it

  6. MadeMan


    yup camtasia is the way to go..

    looking forward to this journey.. ;)
  7. tiddlywinks


    I've used several screen recording/capture progs in my time.
    My experience is with Windows, not Mac. You did not say which platform you use.
    Like anything else, there is no panacea. Each prog has strengths and weaknesses
    so it depends on exactly what you want/intend to do as to which is "best" for you.

    Camtasia is good but very expensive IMO. Not necessary (also IMO).
    For starting out, I'd recommend ezvid which is free. This is my current goto screen recorder.
    If you want to live stream your session, OBS is optimized just for that.

    Success to you

  8. djmartin


    I actually tried ezvid, it kept freezing but it was very user friendly. Windows is my operating system.
  9. k p

    k p

    I love this idea. For so long now I've struggled with the idea of "what should I be thinking".

    You see price coming down to a previous day low lets say, and you're wondering, is it going to break below, is it going to bounce off and go higher? With each tick, your brain is looking for a direction. Once you have a direction, it seems the best entry is gone because now you're scared to get in because it has moved already so far. So in essence, I've always wondered what are other people thinking as they are watching it unfold. Its one thing to say that a certain price level has been rejected when looking at a hindsight chart, but its another to call it in real time, and to do something about it. (my thinking now is that you have to already be in before you can say with confidence that the level is rejected, and if you're wrong and price continues to drop after your long entry, well that's what a stop loss is for)

    So if you are going to do play by play commentary as you see the ticks roll by, this would be most interesting.

    In the mean time, can you summarize your trading thus far? Are you still learning? Are you somewhat profitable? Consistently profitable? Or wildly rich and hence you just want to help others? :D
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    An interesting thread title but not what I thought it was.....mmmmm
    Sounds like a mind trap.....and I wonder.....when there is a plan/method, is there a need to think?.....or just follow the plan/method?.....isn't thinking contradicting directly against the plan/method?
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