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    This the kind of highly volatile up and down market where I want to chew on my trading log. You have to take the good with the bad, no place to hide. Tomorrow or next week could have better trading opportunities. Life goes on.
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    So TRUE
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    Execution for me is just pressing the right key on the keypad. It’s more like sports memory than consciousness.

    Timing is the important part. To get it down you need to get straight who determines the timing. There are two choices. Only one of the choices has a consciousness. Most people get this part wrong.

    Trading doesn’t require going deep into theories about consciousness, although they are interesting. I like Julian Jaynes’s theory.
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    Nowhere in your quote did I say trading doesn’t require thinking. You need to find an opponent to take that viewpoint if you want to debate. Perhaps an algo trader.
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    Knowledge comes to those who seek it.
    Enjoy your day.
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    It is indicated that consciousness is imparted to humanity through projection of divine coded Light that is crystalline, coherent and intelligible. It is further elucidated that Light is composed of consciousness particulates that manifest themselves as ‘units of consciousness,’ giving sentience to humans, who possess the capacity to ‘contain’ such units of consciousness. Strictly speaking, Light is received and stored in our ethereal aura in the form of a pool of a plasma comprised of negatively charged ions (anions) and positively charged ions (cations). Due to the heterogeneous nature of local ionic pools within the plasmic light, there is a tendency for plasmic flow within our energetic system, not much unlike electricity.***
    Mike, a serious question. Are you honestly stating that this can help your trading? This has to be a joke. LOL
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