The Most Expensive House In US

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    ~~I have companies in my portfolio that are worth less~~
  2. I hate it when people break into my home to do videos while I'm away.
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    (Big smile)

    Given the fact that you're into sports, it's obvious that, a large house, for a big man.

    In the comments they wrote, that RE agents are happy, if the object sells for 57% of the initial price.
    (have no clue why % is so precise)
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    I would rather own 3 100MM house than this. Maybe 4, one for each season.
  5. And for those of more modest means who prefer a condo lifestyle:

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    Would pick this one, any given day, over that fortress.
  7. As would I, but it's still too big. Did you notice the green exit sign? When your apartment has to have an exit sign, I think it means the place might be just a tad too crazy-ass large. :D
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    No, didn't saw.
    Having exit sign in your own home. The previous owner partied a lot or was a troll.
    Or if you want that beautiful girl to stay longer, you can always hide it. Maybe even via some app in phone.
    Phone>app>exit lights>disable

    I don't see any helicopters on the roof tho. The higher places are ok, in case the zombie apocalypse breaks out or something, but if fire takes place, one should finish some basic climbing courses, and keep some ropes/gear inside. Too low for parachute jump. Even in the army, ~200 meters is the lowest and still, many experience injuries. Had one coworker who served in French legion and at ~24 y.o messed up his spine, after such a jump.

    Screenshot (135).png
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    It's a beautiful place, but I feel like one would need a golf cart to go from one end to the other.
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  10. Why New York’s Billionaires’ Row Is Half Empty

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