The Most Expensive House In US

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  1. Pekelo


    Could be a fire hazard requirement.

    I think renting is better than owning.
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  2. Nobert


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  4. mlawson71


    I can't imagine living that high up. It'd feel claustrophobic.
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  5. Malibu


    I love it. But would be more fun with a terrace :D
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  6. easymon1


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  7. TheDawn


    95% of that house is superfluous and is inhabitable let alone child-friendly and this is coming from the architect/developer who wanted to design and build something sustainable and environmentally responsible with no waste. LOL Needlessly to say, the architect/developer went bankrupt over building this house and the property eventually ended up in the bankruptcy auction where it was sold for $126 million to the founder of cheap fashion apparel, Fashion Nova. The most expensive house in America, 4th most expensive house in the world, auctioned off to somebody who sells cheap clothes. The world is full of paradoxes. Imagine that the developer originally wanted to list it for $500 million. LOL

    It's important to dream big but some people's dream is just too big. LOL
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  8. TheDawn


    Did you watch the video? It has 3. The place is so big that this one real estate presenter had to present this house in two videos.
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  9. ElCubano


    What a waste of a great location.
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  10. Nobert


    Well, that's a way to go. Over a failed project of a single house.

    Thanks for the info.
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