The real problem with police....

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  1. Police are given a badge and a gun and a license to kill and violate constitutional rights yet the training they receive is absolutely abyssmal. Why are we surprised that regardless of race, cops have high incidents of complaints for excessive uses of force in non violent situations. 4-6 months of training and then you apprentice under a senior officer but are out on the streets.

    Omaha Police had a severe drop in use of force and shootings in their precincts over 5 years and the only thing they changed was increased training.

    I guarnatee we solve all problems if rather than focus on all the shit going on and the unions bullshit to protect their own, we spend more on training and make it harder to become a cop. Sorry... a high school dropout with anger issues does not get to pass more restrictve screening (look at what FBI agents go through). More training on deesclation and people skills and safety training. Stop sending cops tanks and guns, train them better and for longer. Should take a year before you can put on a badge and carry a gun and they can earn while they train.

    Getting in to the academy should be the same as getting in to the FBI or military academy. Create centralized federal standards and commit federal resources so states are nottaking shortcuts to train cops just to get them on the streets.

    A well trained police officer in self defense, gun use, pshychology, profiling and communincation will be less violent and shoot less people no matter the race of the suspect.



    Ignore the people killed stats as I dont know how they compile that and just look at training requirements:

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    Well I wouldn't want to be shot while sporting a poor haircut.
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  4. It's a lot harder finding anyone who wants to be a cop in the US since they are hated by over half the population due to being brainwashed by a Communist, Marxist media.

    Blame this on the Leftist Retards.
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    I very much agree that the training and screening processes need to improve. That's why police departments actually need increased funding as opposed to being defunded.
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    I wrote this in another thread.

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    the funding goes to log gun semi-autos, tactical gear, and breaching vehicles though?
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    Tony Stark

    Thats actually a good idea

  9. Thsat is just a reactionary bullshit answer.... most cops do the job right but when you have the power to kill the bad ones count triple.

    No one is brainwashed by any communist marxist media....

    But both sides can agree, the training and requirement to become a cop is no better than most entry level is ridiculous. FBI does a way better job...

  10. I dont think they need increased funding per se, just move funding away from militarization and useless weaponry they only abuse... shift it to the academies to require 1 year of training and apprenticship....if you pay better the first year with the trade off that you will be a trainee for a full year and owe a minimum level of serivice, you will get way more qualified applicants. Also with better qualified applicants, then you can easily fire the shitty ones after their first infraction.

    A doctor fucks up and kills a patient, he loses his license.

    A cop fucks up and kills someone, he gets a paid vacation and a pension protected. Fuck that. All cops who stand by quietly are as bad as hospitals that cover up doctor negligence that lead to deaths.
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