The Rich Ones of Congo

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    Thanks for the link, just watched the first 12mns, will watch the rest later.
    A shame though the translating is done with voice over, participants seem to speak a very clear french, wondering if that´s because they are well traveled or that´s the way they speak in Congo. Most of them are probably easier to understand in French than I am. Duh...
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    Forgot the name of the city but it's the most populated French-Speaking city in the world (?)

    I haven't finished it either, was watching while on train trip, had to stop in the middle.

    Edit : close to finish.

    God forbid if i ever try to complain about my life. Vids like these helps to stay humble.
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    It's in Kinshasa, in the DR of Congo, good link, thanks for sharing.
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  5. Some cultures have it in their DNA to bend over and never revolt. Oh well revolt maybe once in their lifetime, the rest of the time they take it up their ass and even smile. Seriously, how is it possible that in a country of 100 million people a dictator can amass 15 billion dollars while the people of this country are on average one of the poorest in the world, roads even in the capital are of the worst condition. Why do people not organize and fight those thugs and put down every other gang? This is a perfect example of the outcome when people just don't give a shit about anything around them. If you are born to tolerate then even taking it up the ass won't be painful and shameful anymore. There is no doubt that there are superior and inferior races and cultures.
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    Congo is the country with rich diamond mines. Or where some of the blood diamonds come from.
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    Guns Germs And Steel part 1

    Guns Germs And Steel part 1 - Transcript
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    The quote you picture would be interesting to present to Jared Diamond for his response.
    Dude's been working this topic for 30+ years.
    What is the source of the quote you posted? looks like a very interesting article. Thanks.

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