the spammer and his website

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  1. Before he gets on a roll, this is the new ET spammer's alias: TopPips
    and this is his website:

    Can you put two and two together and delete his ID (maybe also delete as an alias) before another 5-6 weeks of free publicity to another ET spammer?
  2. Joe


    I might have missed it but I didn't see a mention of the website. I'm not banning his account unless he starts promoting it other than his user name (which does not contain a dot com reference).

  3. website\EurUsd chart\ same one as at ET

    name = Victor, same as in thread

    admission of being a signal seller .... 3 hrs ago.

    c o i n c i d e n c e ?
  4. wrbtrader


    I say leave the guy alone until he post links to his website, makes any kind of reference that he has a website, starts to use words like "we" or "our clients", responds to questions about his services here at ET in the public area (instead of using private message) et cetera.

    Simply, just because he's a vendor or has a user name just like his website name (without the .com) doesn't imply he's going to be a spammer. Thus, it's possible he just wants to be a regular member just like everybody else.

    Too bad ET didn't get rid of TraderZone when he tried to spam his 250k system (twice).

  5. wrbtrader


    The above quote was by JoePaterno in TopPips thread called "No Indicators - No Worries System". I posted my reply here in feedback instead of starting mudslinging contest in TopPips thread outside of feedback.

    If he's going to spam (so far he has not)...let him do it on his own instead you trying to bait him into a discussion about his website. :(

    For the record, there are about 10 active ET members with over +500 message posts for each of them. They are vendors with a website or blog selling trading education. In fact, one was a moderator for awhile. However, not once have they mentioned their website or services although many have tried to bait them into such types of discussions in hopes of them violating the TOU policy.

    (note: two of them recently became sponsors)

    My point is that any vendor shouldn't be harassed if they're not breaking TOU policy. Yet, when they do spam, that's when you should contact Baron of Joe instead of trying to bait for such a problem to occur.

    Last of all, if Baron or Joe didn't approve of his user name...they would have changed it by now after being notified about such here in this thread by TraderZones (a former ET spammer and vendor). A change that's very easy to do considering TopPips still has a low number of message posts.

  6. :D LOL
  7. What is considered a spam?

    Case 1: Somebody posted a note congratulating his buddy for a great performance in July and a link to his buddy's webpage. Is this considered a spam?

    Case 2: Some university studies want to solicite traders to participate in their "survey" (not sure if it is true), and posted the same message across many different forums on ET. Is this considered a spam (even if the survey is legit)?
  8. I tried to spam once under one of my banned ID's a few years ago. You can really see your web traffic increase when you mention it on ET. The mods catch you very quick though.

    There was an interesting post a few years ago about Baron spamming ET on the Yahoo boards back in the early days - 1998 or so - to promote his new ET forums.

  9. I wouldn't call what Baron did in 1998, spam. :)

    After all he wrote, "This Melody sweet!"

    I'm with the first poster in the comments section, "Long live di Baron" :)